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Successful Kindergarten Transition: Downloadable Forms

Download this set of forms to accompany your purchase of Successful Kindergarten Transition. Included are a Transition Interview form, a Transition Practices Brainstorming Guide, a Transition Timeline Worksheet, teacher/principal checklists, a Kindergarten Transition Contact Log, and an Instructions for Kindergarten Transition Menu Checklist Read More

First sound and last sound bingo

View the sample activity to help children gain practice in recognizing the first sound in words and in making sound–symbol correspondences. The activity includes the bingo demonstration page, leter chips, and suggested modifications to meet the needs of all students. Read More


Use these sample tables and checklists from Successful Kindergarten Transition: Your Guide to Connecting Children, Families, and Schools, a how-to handbook designed to facilitate a smooth transition to kindergarten. Read More

Sample Unit: Winter Vocabulary

This excerpt from PAVEd for Success provides pre-K and kindergarten teachers with common winter vocabulary terms and strategies for introducing them to their students. Read More

Kindergarten Transition Parent Interview—Preschool

Use the following excerpt from Successful Kindergarten Transitionas a guide to help families explore their experiences in the fall, winter, and spring of preschool. The intent is to engage the family member in a conversation about school, following up on themes that arise. Read More

TPRI Quick-Start Guide for Kindergarten

This Quick-Start Guide gives you the basics you need for successful administration of TPRI in Kindergarten. The guide covers information for conducting both the screening and the inventory. Read More

Quick-Start Guide for PMER

This Quick-Start Guide gives you the basics you need to use your Progress Monitoring for Emergent Readers (PMER) kit to assess student progress in literacy in Grades K-1 and determine whether they’re responding to instruction. Read More