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12 Interactive Routines for a Diverse Math Class

Adapted from the book Engaging Diverse Learners in the Mathematics Classroom, this download highlights 12 interactive, language-rich routines that can help ensure math success for all students, including multilingual learners. Read More

8 Great Ideas for Lesson Closures

See eight ideas for wrapping up lessons in an engaging way, in this free download adapted from the down-to-earth teacher’s guide The Educator’s Handbook for Inclusive School Practices. Read More

4 Barriers and Solutions for Family Participation in IEPs

How can you help families avoid feeling overwhelmed and outnumbered during the IEP process? See the answer to that question—along with three more potential barriers and solutions to family participation in IEPs—in this free download adapted from Equitable and Inclusive IEPs for Students with Complex Support Needs. Read More

3 Essential Roles of Student-Focused Instructional Coaches

The highly effective Student-Focused Coaching (SFC) model connects instructional coaches with teachers so they can work collaboratively to support students using evidence-based practices. Adapted from the book Student-Focused Coaching by Jan Hasbrouck & Daryl Michel, this download introduces you to the three key roles of SFC coaches. Read More

10 Ways to Support Student Involvement in IEPs

When students play an active role in their IEP development, they strengthen important self-determination skills, including choice-making, goal-setting, and self-advocacy. Discover 10 practical tips for supporting student IEP involvement, in this free download adapted from the book Equitable and Inclusive IEPs for Students with Complex Support Needs. Read More

6 Benefits of Unstuck and On Target!

The evidence-based curriculum Unstuck and On Target! provides 21 ready-to-use lessons for students ages 8-11 that help boost cognitive flexibility in everyday situations. Check out this free download to see six benefits of the Unstuck curriculum, and then visit the website to watch a free webinar, explore a sample lesson, and more. Read More