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Programs Supporting Early Literacy: At-a-Glance

This handout provides an at-a-glance look at the programs profiled in Connecting Through Talk. Each of these programs promotes thoughtful, responsive adult–child interactions and expands young children's access to books. Read More

Predicting what happens next

View the sample activity to teach children how to use literacy strategies to predict what will happen next. This excerpt includes a dozen activity sheets an adult can use to elicit predictions from children. Read More

How to build a rich early literacy environment in home-based settings

Before they start school, many young children spend a lot of time in home-based care settings. How can you be sure their environment is conducive to the development of skills that will help them be ready for school? With the CHELLO tool, you can rate the physical arrangements, materials, interactions, and activities that have been shown to lead to the development of critical language and early literacy skills in home-based care settings. Then, use the results to guide caregivers in making adjustments that will contribute to richer early literacy learning environments. Read More