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Making Action Plans (MAPS)

Read the excerpt to learn about the MAPS process and see an example. The MAPS process is a tool teams can use to “think big” for a particular learner; it is especially appropriate for those students who are new to inclusive education because the process can help teachers generate adaptations and supports as well as serve as a starting point for a new IEP. Read More

Assessing communication skills

Read the except and discover the purpose of assessing communication skills. This excerpt also explains who should assess, what skills should be assessed, and how to assess. Read More

Low – Or No – Tech Assistive Technology Options

Assistive technology doesn't have to be high-tech. Here are 5 great examples of easy-to-use, low-tech or no-tech AT tools that help build children’s communication skills. Adapted from Assistive Technology for Young Children: Creating Inclusive Learning Environments Read More