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4 Goals of Student-Focused Coaching

The widely used Student-Focused Coaching (SFC) model supports and enhances academic success for all students by helping instructional coaches build cooperative professional relationships with every type of K-12 educator. See the four main goals of SFC, in this free download adapted from the essential guidebook Student-Focused Coaching. Read More

3 Essential Roles of Student-Focused Instructional Coaches

The highly effective Student-Focused Coaching (SFC) model connects instructional coaches with teachers so they can work collaboratively to support students using evidence-based practices. Adapted from the book Student-Focused Coaching by Jan Hasbrouck & Daryl Michel, this download introduces you to the three key roles of SFC coaches. Read More

5 Characteristics of High-Quality Professional Learning Experiences

Which is the most effective way to help early childhood practitioners learn and master new skills: sustained, collaborative professional development or “one shot” in-service training? See the answer to that question—plus four more characteristics of high-quality professional learning experiences—in this free download adapted from the guidebook Coaching and Consultation Practices in Early Childhood. Read More

Tips for Virtual Practice-Based Coaching

Applying the Practice-Based Coaching framework  in a virtual delivery format provides a number of benefits for early childhood professionals. But, it can also present a number of unique challenges, too. The following tips can help you fulfill and support the coaching essentials of the PBC framework when working in a virtual setting.  Read More

Coaching 101: Getting Down to the Basics About Coaching Early Care Providers Webinar

What is early childhood coaching, and why is it so effective for young children, their families, and other care providers? Get practical answers in this coffee chat with Dathan Rush and M’Lisa Shelden, coauthors of The Early Childhood Coaching Handbook. You’ll get a brief overview of coaching in early childhood and discover the importance of supporting care providers within real-life contexts (as opposed to practitioner-contrived activities during sessions or visits). Read More

Coaching in Early Childhood Webinar

This webinar will provide the background and rationale for using a coaching interaction style in early childhood programs to build the capacity of parents, teachers, and other care providers to promote child learning within the context of everyday routines and activities. Read More

The 5 Features of Successful Coaching

This article, adapted from The Early Childhood Coaching Handbook, Second Edition, will take you through the five important features of coaching and give you examples that illustrate each trait in action. Read More