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6 Benefits of Unstuck and On Target!

The evidence-based curriculum Unstuck and On Target! provides 21 ready-to-use lessons for students ages 8-11 that help boost cognitive flexibility in everyday situations. Check out this free download to see six benefits of the Unstuck curriculum, and then visit the website to watch a free webinar, explore a sample lesson, and more. Read More

5 Ways to Help Students with Disabilities Set and Work Toward Goals

How can you help students with disabilities set and work toward goals that support positive post-graduation outcomes? The five key strategies featured in this free download were adapted from the second edition of Essentials of Transition Planning, a must for the bookshelf of anyone who works on a student transition or support team. Read More

Everyday Interventions for Young Children with Autism Webinar

Based on the presenters’ practical guidebook Autism Intervention Every Day!, this must-see coffee chat will discuss characteristics of autism in young children and offer tips on helping parents and caregivers target key skills during everyday life with their child. Register today for how-to guidance that will help you extend the benefits of intervention long after a home visit. Read More

Watch It: Illustrating research through video

In this engaging classroom video, you’ll see how one school delivered just-in-time visual supports through the clever use of smart watches. The video features Brookes author Howard Shane, co-author of Enhancing Communication for Individuals with Autism: A Guide to the Visual Immersion System. Read More