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Tool name

Life Skills Progression™

Use to evaluate

Parent skills in in key categories (relationships with family and friends; relationships with children; physical health care; basic needs; education and employment; mental health and substance abuse) and infant/toddler development and temperament

Age range

Birth to 5 years

Completed by

Home visitors, parent educators, social workers, public health nurses

Time commitment

10 minutes

How can home visiting programs measure outcomes for families at risk?

The Life Skills Progression™, Second Edition (LSP) is the most efficient, reliable way to evaluate a parent’s life skills: the abilities, behaviors, and attitudes they need to achieve a healthy and satisfying family life. For use with at-risk, low-income pregnant and parenting individuals with children from birth to 5 years of age, the LSP is a field-tested, validated, and reliable tool that generates a broad, accurate portrait of the life skills of parents, caregivers, and young children.

Recommended by Parents as Teachers, the LSP meets the affiliate requirements for family-centered assessment and goal setting.


  • establish baseline client profiles
  • identify strengths and needs
  • plan interventions
  • monitor outcomes to show that interventions are working


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Life Skills Progression™


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Training and webinars

Improving home visiting practice with the Life Skills Progression™ (LSP)

For professionals serving families of children from birth–3, learn how to identify the family’s needs, monitor improvements, and demonstrate your program’s effectiveness with the LSP.

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