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Tool name

Assessment of Story Comprehension

Use to evaluate

Story Comprehension

Age range


Completed by

Early childhood educators, special educators, literacy specialists, speech language pathologists, paraprofessionals, school psychologists

Time commitment

3 minutes

A fast, easy way to measure story comprehension


Strong listening comprehension during shared storybook reading is a foundational skill—and an indicator that children are ready for the language demands of kindergarten. A quick check that takes just 3 minutes to complete, the Assessment of Story Comprehension (ASC™) is the tool that programs need to test the comprehension skills of children 3–5, identify children who may need language intervention, monitor progress, and determine when comprehension has meaningfully improved.

Highly valid and reliable, the ASC is the key to assessing and improving an essential building block of reading success and school readiness. Use it on its own as a fast, efficient check—or in tandem with the other products in the Multitiered Interventions for Language & Literacy in Early Childhood (MILLIE™) family.


  • Helps ensure young learners are ready for kindergarten
  • Quick to administer and easy to score
  • Works with any literacy curriculum
  • Use with all young children, including those with language impairments and developmental disabilities and young English language learners (ELLs)
  • Sensitive to even small gains that young learners make as the school year progresses


What You'll Need


Assessment of Story Comprehension Set


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Package of 10 record forms

Downloadable materials, including scoring guides and fidelity checklists

Additional products and resources

Free downloads

ASC Sample Form

View this sample form to see what the ASC screening tool looks like, including the format of the pages, the types of questions asked, and the way that the tool…

ASC At-a-Glance

Use this handy chart to quickly see what ASC assesses, what is is comprised of, who it is intended for, and more!

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