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Spotlight on Paula Kluth

One of today’s most dynamic and in-demand experts on autism and education—and a former special educator herself—Paula Kluth knows how K–12 inclusion leads to better lives and outcomes for all students. With her essential resources, you’ll have ready-to-use strategies for creating responsive, engaging school experiences for every learner.

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“Paula Kluth takes evidence-based practices and puts them into words that support and have meaning for teachers.”

—Carolyn Hughes, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University (praise for You’re Going to Love This Kid! DVD)


Explore the books

Make your school an inclusion success story with these proven resources:


Thousands of teachers love this bestselling guide to including students with autism, teaching them effectively and sensitively, and appreciating their gifts

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This complete professional development package includes a DVD that takes you inside real inclusive classrooms, plus a Facilitator’s Guide and practical forms.

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Learn how to use your students’ fascinations and special interests as positive, effective teaching tools that calm, motivate, and improve learning.

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Perfect to use in tandem with “Just Give Him the Whale!,” this picture book deftly illustrates the benefits of harnessing students’ natural motivations.

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Move beyond sight words and functional literacy skills and learn how to bring quality, meaningful literacy instruction to students on the autism spectrum.

Sure to captivate children on the autism spectrum, this picture book will help kids of all ages improve literacy skills as they learn the ABCs of trains.

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Download the tip sheets

Upgrade your inclusion toolkit with these colorful tip sheets adapted from You’re Going to Love This Kid! Learn Paula’s four habits of effective inclusive educators, proven ways to provide social support to students with autism, practical strategies for getting learning “off the page,” and much more!

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Watch three video Q&As

In these brief video clips, Paula offers some quick, creative tips on boosting inclusive practices in K–12 classrooms.

Video 1: Learn positive behavior support strategies for managing an inclusive classroom as alternatives to a consequences-and-rewards system.

Video 2: Learn the “why” of inclusive education and get some tips on how to make inclusion work (for high school students in particular).

Video 3: Learn how to use the passionate interests of kids on the autism spectrum as an asset in supporting their literacy development.

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