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New edition of bestselling text on Systematic Instruction

Systematic Instruction for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities, Second Edition

By Belva C. Collins, Ed.D.

To improve outcomes for students with moderate and severe disabilities, K–12 educators need to understand the why and how of good instructional practices. They’ll find comprehensive guidance in the second edition of this bestselling text on systematic instruction, a highly effective teaching approach rooted in applied behavior analysis (ABA).

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What’s new in the second edition

  • Revised and updated chapters throughout, with a wealth of practical strategies
  • A full package of online faculty materials
  • 14 new sample lesson plans, including learning objectives, instructional contexts, materials needed, teaching procedures, data-collection guidelines, maintenance and generalization strategies, and lesson extensions and variations
  • Insightful commentary from special educators in each chapter
  • More on working with parents and caregivers
  • Guidance in each chapter about adapting systematic instruction methods for distance learning
  • New chapter on making instructional decisions and exercising leadership
  • Explicit guidance on combining functional core content with standards-based instruction
  • More on inclusion and culturally responsive practices
  • Up-to-date research on systematic instruction

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Supplement your teaching with these Online Companion Materials

  • Test Banks
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Flowcharts
  • Data Sheets

Meet the author

Belva C. Collins, Ed.D.

Belva C. Collins, Ed.D., served as a professor and chair in the Department of Special Education and Child Development at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and in the Department of Early Childhood, Special Education, and Counselor Education at the University of Kentucky.
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About the Author

Section I Setting the Context for Systematic Instruction
Chapter 1 Using Systematic Instruction When Teaching Standards in Inclusive Classrooms
Chapter 2 Using Technology with Systematic Instruction
Chapter 3 Involving Others in Implementing Systematic Instruction
Chapter 4 Developing Data Sheets and Collecting Baseline Data
Chapter 5 Using Effective Practices to Teach Learners with Moderate and Severe Disabilities

Section II Delivering Systematic Instruction
Chapter 6 Applying the Principles of ABA to Teach Learners with Moderate and Severe Disabilities
Chapter 7 Using Response Prompting Strategies: Graduated Guidance, Most-to-Least Prompting, and System of Least Prompts
Chapter 8 Using Response Prompting Strategies: Time Delay and Simultaneous Prompting Procedures
Chapter 9 Increasing the Efficiency of Instruction
Chapter 10 Facilitating Maintenance and Generalization
Chapter 11 Making Instructional Decisions and Exercising Leadership
Chapter 11 Appendix: Flowchart for Designing Instructional Programs Using Response Prompting Procedures

Appendix A Sample Programs Using Systematic Instruction
Appendix B Glossary

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