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Introduction to Clinical Methods in Communication Disorders, Fourth Edition

Fully updated and revised based on the 2020 ASHA standards and recent AAA standards, the new edition of this bestseller is the core textbook for all students in clinical methods courses. Leading authority Rhea Paul and newly minted research scholar Elizabeth Schoen Simmons bring together more than 20 academics and clinicians for a state-of-the-art guide to contemporary evidence-based practice. Covering a broad range of disorders and developmental levels, this text sets emerging professionals on the path toward mastering all the fundamentals of practice, from conducting effective assessment and intervention to ensuring that practices are family-centered and culturally inclusive.

Support your instruction with a test bank for each chapter and suggested projects that professors can assign students to practice the principles outlined in each chapter.

Want to learn more about the new edition? Check out the following resources:

  • A handy resource that shows you what’s been added and updated in the new edition
  • A slide deck that provides a comprehensive overview of the new edition

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