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Head Start – A special message for program leaders…

Great for early childhood head start! What goes into ensuring school readiness for every child? There are lots of factors—physical health, language development, a head start in math and literacy skills—but strong social-emotional development is one of the most powerful elements of a young child’s school success. (It’s also one of the domains of the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.)

This year, you have an exciting new tool to monitor children’s social and emotional skills: ASQ:SE-2™, the second edition of the trusted social-emotional screener. We’re sharing practical tips and resources to help you strengthen the social-emotional development of the children you work with. Just follow the link below to get started! You’ll also get free downloads to help you with 4 other domains of the Head Start framework, including approaches to learning, language and literacy cognition, and perceptual, motor and physical development.

Looking for more in-depth help on strengthening program quality? Follow the link on the right to find books and tools on the areas you want to improve. In line with the goals of the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, these resources will help you meet today’s rigorous quality standards and achieve long-term success.

Be sure to share this page with fellow early childhood professionals, and help get every child off to a great start in life!

Meet Framework Goals                                                                Strengthen Program Quality