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Essentials of Transition Planning, Second Edition

Edited by Paul Wehman, Ph.D. with invited contributors.

For a smooth transition to adulthood, young people with disabilities need the support, guidance, and planning expertise of a successful collaborative team. All the essentials of transition planning are at your fingertips in the second edition of this popular resource, a one-stop guide to helping young people live fulfilling adult lives beyond the classroom.

Ideal for use as a supplemental text, this book gets future professionals ready to help students with disabilities plan the future they want, pursue employment and/or higher education, and navigate the complex shift to adult life in the community. Renowned expert Paul Wehman and a select group of contributors introduce readers to all the fundamentals of transition planning, offering fast facts, vivid examples, realistic case studies, and checklists and tools for putting your plan into action. Expanded and updated with the very latest on new legislation, funding sources, and other timely topics, this reader-friendly textbook will help future professionals prepare young people to lead successful, self-determined adult lives.

Want to learn more about the new edition? Check out the following resources:

  • A video Q&A with Paul Wehman about the benefits of and updates to the new edition.
  • A sample course syllabus that shows how to use this new edition to teach the Principles of Transition Education and Services.
  • A sample course syllabus that shows how to use this new edition to teach an introduction to transition planning for students with disabilities preparing to exit school and enter adulthood.


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