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TPOT™ Scoring Spreadsheet

Once you’ve completed your TPOT™ observation, calculating results is easy with the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT™) for Preschool Classrooms Scoring Spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet lets you enter results for up to three TPOT observations for a total of 20 teachers.

As you enter your data, the scoring spreadsheet automatically creates a summary page that displays aggregate scores and graphs for every teacher’s TPOT scores.

System Requirements


Microsoft Excel/Office 2013
Microsoft Excel/Outlook 2010 w/SP2


Microsoft Office for Mac 2011


  • Saves you time—no manual calculation needed
  • Provides handy graphs on each teacher page
  • Includes a detailed summary page for the entire program or school

Complete form below to get your free download of the TPOT Scoring Spreadsheet. Download these step-by-step instructions for using your spreadsheet.

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