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TPITOS Scoring Spreadsheet

After you’ve finished your TPITOS™ observation, calculating and summarizing results is easy with the TPITOS Excel Scoring Spreadsheet. As you enter your data, the scoring spreadsheet automatically creates graphs of individual teachers’ scores, and summary tabs display aggregate score graphs for groups of teachers and your entire program.

Two spreadsheets are available for users. One version allows you to track results for up to 10 teachers (at 3 time points), while the other version allows programs or initiatives to track results for up to 40 teachers (at 3 time points).


  • Saves you time—no manual calculation needed
  • Provides handy graphs on each teacher tab
  • Includes a filtering tool for reviewing aggregate scores of selected groups of teachers
  • Includes a summary page for the entire program or school

System Requirements


Excel 2010 or newer

PC Instructions


Excel 2011 or newer

Mac Instructions

Watch the scoring spreadsheet demo videos:

Mac Excel Demo Video

PC Excel Demo Video

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