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Cultural Diversity

Support culturally and linguistically diverse children

As your program welcomes more and more culturally and linguistically diverse children, be sure you’re meeting their needs with practical, research-based resources. Click on the links below for articles, excerpts, and video clips from some of our most popular diversity titles. With invaluable guidance and strategies from leaders in the field, you’ll be better prepared to promote meaningful progress for culturally and linguistically diverse children and families.

Download a free cultural diversity toolkit


Q&A on Cultural Reciprocity in Special Education

Read this author Q&A to learn about cultural reciprocity in special education, how to achieve it, and why it matters.

Introducing the Skilled Dialogue Approach

In this interview, Dr. Barrera addresses the question of why cultural diversity is such a big issue in early childhood, and follows up with an explanation of the skilled dialogue…

3 steps to better assessment for culturally and linguistically diverse children

With a language other than English spoken in some 20% of U.S. households, chances are your program includes culturally and linguistically diverse children. Start out with a clear and bias-free…