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Inclusive Education webinar series

Brookes Publishing teamed up with The Inclusive Class blog for a series of three free 1-hour webinars on K-12 inclusive education. In these webinars you will:

  • get invaluable insights from top experts,
  • explore today’s hottest topics in inclusion, and
  • learn practical tips and strategies you can use in your school right away

Planning for Full Participation and Learning in the Inclusive Class

As inclusive classrooms become the standard in education, how will you answer the call for classrooms and curricula that meet all students’ learning needs? If you love the idea of inclusion but aren’t sure how to make it happen, this webinar is for you! Using best practices in inclusive education, Cheryl Jorgensen will give you strategies for increasing student participation and learning through curriculum, collaboration with other professionals, and innovative use of today’s technology.

Presented by: Cheryl Jorgensen, Ph.D.

Original broadcast: September 18, 2014

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Documents mentioned in Dr. Jorgensen’s presentation

Inclusion Means More than Just Being “In”
The Least Dangerous Assumption: A challenge to Create a New Paradigm
Weekly Lesson Participation and Learning Form

Free Chapter from The Inclusion Facilitator’s Guide

Chapter 1 – From Special Education Teacher to Inclusion Facilitator: Role Revelations and Revolutions

Free Chapter from The Beyond Access Model

Chapter 4 – Membership, Participation, and Learning

For More Free Inclusion Tips & Strategies

Visit The Inclusive Class online at where you will find podcasts, articles and resources to help successfully include all children in the classroom.

Supporting Behavior in the Inclusive Class

Supporting positive student behavior can be a challenge for any teacher—and in an inclusive classroom, it can be especially difficult to manage students with so many different needs and ability levels in one room. Tune in to this webinar for expert help with addressing behavior challenges in your inclusive class! Presented by veteran educator Whitney Rapp, this webinar outlines the key principles of behavior support and shows you how to build a toolkit of strategies and tips to keep learners engaged, on-task, and respectful of one another.

Presented by: Whitney Rapp, Ph.D.

Original broadcast: September 25, 2014

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PDF of Dr. Rapp’s presentation slides

Supporting Behavior in the Inclusive Class

Free Chapter from Teaching Everyone

Chapter 6: Classroom Management

Sample Pack of strategies from Universal Design for Learning in Action

Jobs – Meetings – Games – Grouping – Schedules – Syn-naps – Social Stories – Social Skill Autopsy – Integrative Movement – Transition Areas – Response Scales – Mix-Freeze-Pair

For More Free Inclusion Tips & Strategies

Visit The Inclusive Class online at where you will find podcasts, articles and resources to help successfully include all children in the classroom.

The Role of the Paraprofessional in the Inclusive Class

The role of a paraprofessional in an inclusive classroom can be challenging. Inclusion expert Julie Causton knows what it takes to succeed—and in this webinar, she’ll give you tips and tools to manage the complex expectations of this job. You’ll learn how paraprofessionals can work successfully in the inclusive classroom, give students effective and appropriate support, manage relationships with teachers and students, and help support friendships between students. A can’t-miss learning experience for both teachers and paraprofessionals.

Presented by: Julie Causton, Ph.D.

original broadcast: October 9, 2014

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Materials related to Dr. Causton’s presentation

Free Job Description Poster for Paraprofessionals
Free handout from Dr. Julie Causton’s webinar