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Differentiate Instruction with First/Then Boards

A First/Then Board is a mini-schedule that is portable and can be used to provide more choices to a student or to reinforce simple instructions. Check out this excerpt from Paula Kluth and Sheila Danaher's From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks to find out how to create your own! Read More

Differentiate Instruction with Purposeful Puzzles

This chapter explains how to implement purposeful puzzles, a helpful Differentiated Instruction support for students who might fidget a lot during class or need to be “doing something” when they are listening or participating in a classroom discussion. Read More

Classroom-basedtechnology tools

Read the excerpt and discover a variety of classroom-based tools that can be utilized to reduce and even eliminate educational barriers for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Read More

Using UDL to meet Common Core standards for all students

As teachers are educating their students, they're also educating themselves on how best to achieve the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core standards are written to guide teachers in what to teach–the knowledge and skills considered important for success in college and careers–but not how to teach. CCSS does provide guidance to teachers of students with disabilities. See how providing instructional supports based on the principles of universal design for learning (UDL) boosts the engagement of all learners–not just students with significant learning needs–and helps everyone achieve the high expectations of Common Core. Read More


View the activity and learn how teachers can utilize classroom jobs to engage all students. Discover the five reasons why this works and see an example involving a fifth-grade teacher. Read More

The CSS+ Curriculum planning framework

Read the excerpt and gain an understanding of the major components of the CSS+ Curriculum framework and how these parts work together as a dynamic system to guide implementation of a high-quality early childhood education program. This excerpt also provides an introduction to a process for systematically building curriculum plans. Read More