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Your Toolkit for Early Childhood STEM Education

When it comes to giving kids a solid foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), it’s never too soon to start. This toolkit is packed with more than 30 great resources—from tip sheets and articles to webinars and video clips. Read More

Give kids problem-solving practice for STEM success

How can you prepare young children for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math learning? Coach them to follow a developmentally appropriate version of the same problem-solving framework engineers use and watch their critical thinking skills flourish. Read More

Tips for integrating technology in the early childhood classroom

Technology is a part of even the youngest child's world today, and it is making its way into early childhood classrooms more and more. How can early childhood professionals plan activities that integrate technology in developmentally appropriate practices? Learn about a step-by-step approach you can follow to ensure you are using technology that promotes growth and learning for your young students. Read More

Setting the table

See a sample activity that demonstrates how math instruction can be incorporated into the activity of setting the table. Let's Talk About Math is a program for children birth to 5 designed to weave counting and other math concepts into everyday activities. Read More

Introducing observation

View the activity and see how the concept of observation can be taught using an apple. Also included in this activity is a science practices planning grid to ensure that children have the opportunities to use the five science practices. Read More

Number sense interventions

View the sample activities in Lesson 1 of the Number Sense Interventions program. Detailed activity instructions and student lesson sheets are included. Read More