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Common Types of Reading Difficulties Webinar

This presentation, led by Louise Spear-Swirling, Ph.D., will focus on three common patterns of reading difficulties that are based in the “simple view of reading.” These patterns include specific word recognition difficulties; specific reading comprehension difficulties; and mixed reading difficulties, in which the student has difficulties involving both areas, word recognition and comprehension. Each profile and its implications for instruction will be discussed. Read More

MTSS: About the Videos

This flyer explains what each of the six MTSS videos are about and how they relate to the implementation of MTSS in the program. Read More

Comparing IDEA and MTSS

In blended classroom settings, early childhood staff members are responsible for administering the general education curriculum as well as implementing both MTSS and IDEA services. Use this table as a brief overview of the similarities and differences across IDEA and MTSS. Read More

16 Literacy Supports for Students with Special Needs

We’re sharing some easy, ready-to-use tips for modifying reading and writing classwork for students with a wide range of disabilities and learning needs. They’ll help your students participate and make progress in four key areas of literacy. Read More