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10 conflict-busters for IEP meetings

Collaborative and productive IEP meetings lay the foundation for better student outcomes—but with so many complicated and emotionally charged decisions involved, the meeting room can feel like a minefield. Read More

IEP survey for parents

Use this survey to gather information on parents’ perception of the IEP process and experience. Information gathered from the survey can assist in professional development for IEP team members and parent training. Read More

Weekly lesson/routines planning form

Use this form to help plan your lessons on a weekly basis. This form will help you plan learning objectives for the class and individual students. Additionally, there are sections to outline IEP objectives as well as plans for participation. Read More

The IEP Checklist quiz

How can you ensure your IEPs are effective and compliant? The IEP Checklist: Your Guide to Creating Meaningful and Compliant IEPsSometimes the end goal of an individualized education program gets muddied in the process of developing the IEP. What does it take to make sure the IEP results in genuine progress for the student with disabilities? And how can you be sure you are complying with all legal requirements? Test your knowledge with this quiz, adapted from The IEP Checklist: Your Guide to Creating Meaningful and Compliant IEPs. See how well you do, and pick up pointers about best practices during the IEP development process. Read More

Teach self-determination across the age range

Read the excerpt and discover tips and activities for teaching self-determination skills to students of all ages and ability levels. Self-determination is the key building block for students to meaningfully identify their desired personalized educational outcomes. Read More

Collaborating with others: working within a team

Read the excerpt and find information and tools that will enable educators to engage in effective collaboration. This excerpt will help educators to see their role as a member of the larger educational team and to address the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Read More