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Co-teaching: A Success Story

In this excerpt, read about one recent graduate's positive first experience co-teaching as she details a few of the many benefits of this teaching approach. Read More


Excerpted from Teaching Everyone, this chapter reviews best practices in collaboration and discusses ways in which teachers are expected to collaborate. Read More

Q&A on Co-teaching

Read a Q&A with the authors of How to Co-Teach to learn what general education teachers and special educators bring to the co-teaching equation. Read More

Co-teaching: 9 keys to making it work for you

How much experience have you had with co-teaching? Perhaps not a lot, but as inclusive classrooms become more the norm, you're likely to have more shared teaching experiences. Try the 9 key elements of the successful Co-Design Model to ensure the best success for everyone involved. Read More

Giving teachers tools to overcome fears of inclusion, teaming

In the olden days (circa 1990), schools provided special education services apart from the general education classroom; students were pulled out into resource rooms or taught in self-contained classes. Rarely was there crossover of students or discussion between general and special ed teachers. But those days are dwindling as inclusion brings general and special educators in closer contact. So, how can schools help teachers work together productively? Martha Snell and Rachel Janney, authors of the teachers’ guide Collaborative Teaming, know well the fears and other obstacles that get in the way of effective collaboration. Learn their methods for overcoming those barriers that once skeptical teachers now swear by. Read More