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The SCERTS Model: Effective Practices for Educating Children with Autism

In 2001, 12 professionals from a variety of disciplines carefully examined 20 years of research on educating young children with autism. The result is the National Academy of Sciences report on Educating Children with Autism, now considered the authoritative text on recommended practices. The committee of experts”which included Dr. Amy Wetherby, co-author of The SCERTS Model: A Comprehensive Educational Approach for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders–identified a number of critical features characteristic of effective interventions. Read on to learn how The SCERTS Model a linked assessment and intervention system–aligns with the committee's findings. Read More


Five of today's top experts share their professional expertise and personal insights about the question of autism in this collection of Q&As. Learn about SCERTS, partnering with families, and parenting a child with autism. Read More