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4 Steps for Teaching New Vocabulary

Add that tip to your language and literacy toolkit along with the three others outlined in this download, adapted from the teacher-friendly guide Next STEPS in Literacy Instruction. Read More

How do you support second-language learners in the classroom?

To learn about the importance of dual language development, watch this quick clip excerpted from the professional development DVD, One Child, Two Languages. Discussing research presented in its companion book, this accompanying DVD provides practical strategies and outlines assessment techniques for working with children learning ESL Read More

Sight Word Assessment chart

Use this chart to help you identify and catalog what everday words and numbers your child is able to recognize and understand. You may write-in additional words as your child encounters them. Read More

Sample Unit: Winter Vocabulary

This excerpt from PAVEd for Success provides pre-K and kindergarten teachers with common winter vocabulary terms and strategies for introducing them to their students. Read More