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What do General and Special Educators Bring to the Co-Teaching Equation?

In this video, find out how one co-teaching pair of educators has honed their collaborative skills after working in tandem for several years. Using first-hand experience, the partners explain what has worked well for them in a shared classroom. You'll also discover the role that a school administrator plays in the co-teaching process. Read More

3 Common Legal Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching Kids with Special Needs

Here are three common mistakes that special educators might make in regard to special education law, alongside suggested solutions. This list was excerpted and adapted from Your Classroom Guide to Special Education Law,an essential addition to every teacher's professional library—and an ideal supplementary text for teachers in training. Read More

Q&A on Co-teaching

Read a Q&A with the authors of How to Co-Teach to learn what general education teachers and special educators bring to the co-teaching equation. Read More