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TPITOS Webinar

This free 45-minute webinar, hosted by the developers of the TPITOS program, will cover the relationship between the Pyramid Model, TPITOS, and TPOT as well as explore the unique features and functions of the TPITOS program. A live-during-recording Q&A will be hosted by the developers after the webinar. Read More

5 Steps to Help Caregivers use Positive Interventions

It’s important for caregivers to be prepared when responding to problematic or concerning behaviors in their young children. Use these tips and sample language from Early Social-Emotional Development when providing guidance for using positive interventions. Read More

TPITOS At-A-Glance

To find out if Teaching Pyramid Infant–Toddler Observation Scale (TPITOS™) for Infant–Toddler Classrooms is the right tool for your early childhood program, check out this At-A-Glance sheet. Download now to learn what the tool assesses, who administers it, how long it takes, and more. Read More

The Impact of Early Social-Emotional Development

Read this excerpt from Early Social-Emotional Development for an overview of early growth and learning across developmental domains from birth–5, with particular emphasis on the components of emotional development in young children with and without special needs. Read More

14 Tips on Addressing Student Aggression

The short, practical suggestions in this blog post are adapted from Recognize and Respond to Emotional and Behavioral Issues in the Classroom, a helpful teacher’s guide by Andrew Jonathan Cole & Aaron M. Shupp. Read More