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Supporting Students with Special Health Care Needs quiz

Can you teach students with complex medical conditions in inclusive classrooms? Including children with and without disabilities in the same class has proven benefits to everyone in the class, but what about students who require specialized equipment or care? What does it take to provide a safe and positive learning environment for everyone? Test your knowledge with this quiz, adapted from Supporting Students with Special Health Care Needs: Guidelines and Procedures for Schools, Third Edition. Read More

Take our quiz: Who else benefits from peer support programs at your school?

Teachers are well aware of mandates calling on schools to improve outcomes and participation of all students, including students with disabilities. One approach teachers may not have contemplated that may actually make it easier to accomplish their goals is the use of peer support programs, which arrange for students to provide assistance to classmates with disabilities. Take our quiz and see what you might discover that you didn't know before about the benefits of peer support programs. Read More

Test Your Skills! Try These Tricks with Your Students with LD

Students with learning disabilities tend to struggle in these critical areas: organization, test taking, study skills, notetaking, reading, writing, mathematics, and advanced thinking. You can actually break these skills down into smaller subskills and teach students techniques for targeting their trouble spots. Our quick quiz introduces you to strategies designed to enhance your students' skills. How many can you match? Read More

The IEP Checklist quiz

How can you ensure your IEPs are effective and compliant? The IEP Checklist: Your Guide to Creating Meaningful and Compliant IEPsSometimes the end goal of an individualized education program gets muddied in the process of developing the IEP. What does it take to make sure the IEP results in genuine progress for the student with disabilities? And how can you be sure you are complying with all legal requirements? Test your knowledge with this quiz, adapted from The IEP Checklist: Your Guide to Creating Meaningful and Compliant IEPs. See how well you do, and pick up pointers about best practices during the IEP development process. Read More

Early Intervention Quiz

What are the 7 key principles of effective early intervention practices? Find out in this quiz, adapted from The Early Intervention Workbook: Essential Practices for Quality Services by Lynda Cook Pletcher, M.Ed., and Naomi O. Younggren, Ph.D. Providers who follow the practices and principles outlined in The Early Intervention Workbook, based on specific recommendations from a workgroup of today's top researchers, have seen the families they work with have the greatest success. See how well you know these principles (and how well your program follows them in real life). Read More

Successful Preschool Inclusion quiz

What supports do you need to put in place for a sustainable, high-quality preschool inclusion program? Find out in this quiz, adapted from Making Preschool Inclusion Work: Strategies for Supporting Children, Teachers, and Programs. See how familiar you are with the evidence-based practices that support early childhood inclusion, and get ready to make preschool inclusion a success! Read More

Test Your Autism Knowledge!

Every parent who has a child with autism and every professional whose work involves people with autism needs a thorough understanding of its complexities. Test yourself, and see how many of the following questions you can answer correctly. Read More

Can you help these 6 students make a smooth transition to college?

Postsecondary education is more important than ever for students with disabilities. Studies show that individuals with disabilities who have some postsecondary education are employed at twice the rate of those with only a high school diploma. Fortunately, more resources and legislative support are available than ever before. Take our quiz to see if you can pick the solutions that will help these 6 students make a smooth transition to college. Read More

Take our quiz: The key to transition success

The evidence is growing that one skill plays a significant role in the future prospects of students with disabilities. Do you know what it is? Most teachers only spend about 6 hours a month on it, but you can learn to infuse it throughout your instruction. Take our quiz and see how much you know about this critical skill. Read More

Developmental Screening Quiz

Why is developmental screening so important? Find out in this quiz, adapted from Developmental Screening in Your Community: An Integrated Approach for Connecting Children with Services by Diane Bricker, Ph.D., Marisa Macy, Ph.D., Jane Squires, Ph.D., & Kevin Marks, M.D., FAAP. This new guide by the leading developers of ASQ and their colleagues describes how communities can create a low-cost, reliable system for early detection of developmental issues in young children. Read More