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6 Ways Families Can Encourage Desired Behavior

Empowering parents and families to support positive behavior outside the classroom helps lay the groundwork for social-emotional health in children. Adapted from the upcoming book Helping Your Family Thrive, here are six proactive tips to share with families and caregivers so they can nurture desired behavior at home. Read More

Enhancing student connectedness to school

Read the excerpt and discover practical strategies that school staff can use to increase student connectedness. The strategies are presented in relation to a multi-tiered framework, with Tier 1 strategies used for all students, Tier 2 strategies used to assist students at risk who are showing early signs of disengagement, and Tier 3 strategies used for students who have already disengaged from school and have an enhanced likelihood of dropout. Read More

Bully prevention in positive behavior support

Read the excerpt and learn about bully prevention in positive behavior support curriculum (BP-PBS). This excerpt includes desciptions of lesson sequences, supervision components, as well as the benefits of BP-PBS. Read More