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Camps on TRACKS: A peer-mediated approach to inclusion

This guest blog post is about Camps on TRACKS, an Ontario-based camp that promotes inclusion through peer-mediated social skills. Kids who attend the camp learn how to be better friends, with the ultimate goal of building meaningful relationships and developing enhanced social skills. Read More

Peer supports for students with disabilities: Who else benefits?

Let's say you want to start a peer support program at your school that you're certain will improve the academic and social skills of students with disabilities. You've seen it work elsewhere, but will that be enough to get your colleagues on board? Not necessarily. Your chances of persuading them will improve if you demonstrate benefits that extend beyond the students alone. Show them how using peer supports actually improves the skills of student peers, helps teachers better manage their classroom, and helps administrators meet mandates by bettering performance numbers for students with and without disabilities. Learn about the far-reaching benefits of peer supports and be sure to get your free list for educators and paraprofessionals of strategies for fostering peer interaction. Read More