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Math matters: Get help for your students who struggle

Math matters. Whether you're making change in your first job as a cashier, calculating a household budget, or attempting to negotiate the national debt ceiling, solid math skills are key. As math achievement gains greater focus on the national stage and in the classroom, teachers are seeking ways to help their students who struggle with math. Here are 6 downloads of free insights and strategies you can use to help those students succeed. Read More

Boosting young children’s math skills is easy once you focus your mathematical lens

Math is getting a focus in preschool like never before, with groups like the NCTM calling on teachers to integrate math focal points into their instruction. But many teachers haven't gotten guidance in how to introduce math concepts the way they have with reading. The good news–it doesn't have to be hard!Try these simple exercises to get in the habit of seeing your classroom through a "mathematical lens" and watch children's math interest flower. Read More