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10 Supports for Use in Inclusive Classrooms

Have you considered flexible seating options in your classroom like yoga balls, bean bags, or standing desks? What about scaffolded graphic organizers? Those are just two of the support tips for inclusive classrooms that we’ve highlighted in this free download, adapted from Picture Inclusion! Read More

Paula Kluth Tip Sheets

Upgrade your inclusion toolkit with these must-download tip sheets adapted from You’re Going to Love This Kid! by Paula Kluth. Learn Paula’s four habits of effective inclusive educators, proven ways to provide social support to students with autism, practical strategies for getting learning “off the page,” and much more! Read More

Picture Inclusion! Excerpt

Read this excerpt from Picture Inclusion! Snapshots of Successful Diverse Classrooms for an introduction and Chapter 1: Inclusion From Theory to Practice. Read More

Collaborating with others: working within a team

Read the excerpt and find information and tools that will enable educators to engage in effective collaboration. This excerpt will help educators to see their role as a member of the larger educational team and to address the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Read More