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10 conflict-busters for IEP meetings

Collaborative and productive IEP meetings lay the foundation for better student outcomes—but with so many complicated and emotionally charged decisions involved, the meeting room can feel like a minefield. Read More

Weekly lesson/routines planning form

Use this form to help plan your lessons on a weekly basis. This form will help you plan learning objectives for the class and individual students. Additionally, there are sections to outline IEP objectives as well as plans for participation. Read More

Financial planning for special needs families: Steps to take at key stages

When you have a family member with special needs, you have to plan for all of the same life stages as everyone else–buying a house, raising children, planning for college, saving for retirement–but you also have other factors to consider. Be sure to take these steps at critical junctures in the process to ensure your own financial security as well as the future of your child. Read More