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IDEA Key Components Refresher

Brush up on the seven key components of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), in this free download adapted from The IEP Checklist, your complete guide to IEP development. Read More

Comparing IDEA and MTSS

In blended classroom settings, early childhood staff members are responsible for administering the general education curriculum as well as implementing both MTSS and IDEA services. Use this table as a brief overview of the similarities and differences across IDEA and MTSS. Read More

IDEA 40: Roundup & Interview with Paul and Jeff Brookes

Loyal Inclusion Lab readers know that this blog is brought to you by Brookes Publishing, a Baltimore-based publisher of resources on education, disability, and early childhood. Our company’s been blazing trails in inclusive education since 1978, just a few short years after the passage of IDEA (then called Public Law 94-142, or the Education of All Handicapped Children Act). Read More

Financial planning for special needs families: Steps to take at key stages

When you have a family member with special needs, you have to plan for all of the same life stages as everyone else–buying a house, raising children, planning for college, saving for retirement–but you also have other factors to consider. Be sure to take these steps at critical junctures in the process to ensure your own financial security as well as the future of your child. Read More