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Enhancing Remote Instruction with the Building Blocks Framework Webinar

A popular tiered model of instructional support, the Building Blocks framework is widely used to facilitate effective inclusion in early learning settings. But it can also be used to guide decisions about instructional targets and strategies for remote learning and family support—and this presentation will show you how. Led by Ilene Schwartz, Ph.D., coauthor of Building Blocks for Teaching Preschoolers with Special Needs, Third Edition, this coffee chat will outline practical ways to use the framework in support of inclusive early childhood instruction during school shutdowns. Read More

An Overview of the Visual Immersion System

How can you help children with moderate to severe autism become more effective communicators? Discover the Visual Immersion System (VIS), a practical, research-based intervention framework that taps into the strong visual processing skills many children on the spectrum have. Read this introductory chapter excerpt for an overview of the VIS framework. Read More

What is Quality Inclusion?

Get a glimpse into the current state of inclusion in the US with this introductory chapter to The Preschool Inclusion Toolbox: How to Build and Lead a High-Quality Program. Read More