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Parent Section

This section on our site is written in family-friendly language to help them understand the purpose of ASQ screening and learn what to expect from the process. It’s a great resource to share with families when you’re introducing a questionnaire for the first time. Read More

Life Skills Progression Sample Form

Parents may use this sample filled-out LSP parent scale as a reference when rating their child in terms of relationship with family and friends as well as with other children. Read More

The rest of the family

Read the excerpt and learn more about family issues that often arise when a child has an ASD. This chapter focuses on the impact a child with an ASD has on marital relationships, sibling relationships, grandparents and other extended family members, friendships, as well as strangers and aquaintances. Read More

Introducing the Skilled Dialogue Approach

In this interview, Dr. Barrera addresses the question of why cultural diversity is such a big issue in early childhood, and follows up with an explanation of the skilled dialogue approach to cultural diversity. Read More

Kindergarten Transition Parent Interview—Preschool

Use the following excerpt from Successful Kindergarten Transitionas a guide to help families explore their experiences in the fall, winter, and spring of preschool. The intent is to engage the family member in a conversation about school, following up on themes that arise. Read More

Conversation Starters About Outcomes

In this excerpt, providers get tips on how to discuss intervention decisions with the family. Also included is a sample script in which a provider and a parent discuss a specific desired outcome regarding meal time. Read More