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TPRI Quick-Start Guide for Progress Monitoring for Beginning Readers

This Quick-Start Guide gives you the basics you need to successfully use your Progress Monitoring for Beginning Readers (PMBR) kit to assess student progress in Grades 1-3 and determine whether they’re responding to instruction. PMBR monitors student progress in three core aspects of reading: accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. Read More

TPRI K-3 teacher’s guide sampler

If you'd like to know whether TPRI is the right reading assessment tool for your program, take a look at this Sampler excerpted from the Teacher's Guide. This thorough multi-page download explains TPRI administration decisions, data intepretation, the development process, the scope of reading concepts assessed, and more. Information on Tejas Lee, the Spanish-language assessment tool, is also provided. Read More