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Families in the 21st Century

This chapter explores the diverse structures of the modern American family. Discussion questions and a list of suggested web sites are provided. Read More

Believe in my child with special needs!

Special education professor Mary Falvey wrote Believe in My Child with Special Needs! to celebrate children's abilities. Dr. Falvey shares 6 simple adjustments parents and teachers can make to ensure a child’s experience of school is a positive one. Read More

A vision for the future for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

The field of intellectual and developmental disabilities is changing rapidly throughout the world. Knowledge and professional skills have increased dramatically, with great strides being made to improve the lives of people with disabilities and their caregivers. Here, the editors of the A Comprehensive Guide to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities share with you their vision of what the future will bring for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. See if you agree. Read More

Siblings of children with disabilities tell us what we need to know

More than 25 years ago, Don Meyer recognized that the siblings of children with special needs share many of the concerns their parents do, but they don't always have the same support networks. So, Meyer created Sibshops–a lively peer support program for school-aged brothers and sisters. Now, with more than 200 programs in 8 countries, Meyer and his Sibling Support Project have developed a pretty good idea of what these siblings want people to understand about their experience. Read More

Find meaningful paid work for graduates with disabilities, with Project SEARCH

It's graduation season. Like many prospective graduates, students with disabilities are looking ahead to a common goal: finding meaningful employment at a competitive wage. An innovative model has made paid work a realistic prospect for thousands of graduates with disabilities. See how Project SEARCH® incorporates the best of what we know about effective transition and support services–with remarkable results! Read More