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Expanding our thinking about high schools

Read the excerpt and learn how high schools can better prepare students with disabilities for college and careers. This excerpt also contains a unified framework for secondary transition services. Read More

Academic assessment

In this chapter, learn how formal and informal assessment plays an important role in a student's transition to college and/or the professional world. Also included are helpful forms for transition planning like a Parent Survey of Student’s Academic-related Skills sheet and a Study Skills Inventory scale. Read More

When college is the goal for students with disabilities

Going to college is a big step, but with a little support and a lot of planning, students can make the transition successfully. This holds true for students with disabilities who may have a few extra considerations to weigh. Give these students their best shot at success by making sure they know what supports and services are available to them. Read More

Think College! Preface

Read the the preface of Think College! to learn about the reasons for offering post-secondary education to individuals with intellectual disabilities. A critical resource for education professionals to read and share with families, Think College! uncovers the big picture of today's postsecondary options and reveals how to support students with disabilities before, during, and after a successful transition to college. Read More

How to Disclose Disability to an Employer

If you teach and support young adults with disabilities, you might get the question ‘when and how should I disclose my disability when I apply for a job or internship?’ This one-sheet with 9 specific tips will help guide them through the process. Print it out and share it with the young adults you teach as they prepare for life beyond the classroom. Read More