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Co-Teaching: How We Do It

If you just began a new school year as a co-teacher—or if you’re just intrigued by the possibilities of a teaching partnership and want to see one in action—this post is for you. Read More

What do General and Special Educators Bring to the Co-Teaching Equation?

In this video, find out how one co-teaching pair of educators has honed their collaborative skills after working in tandem for several years. Using first-hand experience, the partners explain what has worked well for them in a shared classroom. You'll also discover the role that a school administrator plays in the co-teaching process. Read More

6 Benefits of Teacher Collaboration

If you’re a teacher, you probably hear a lot about the benefits of teamwork and collaboration. But when you’re faced with the reality of hectic schedules, lesson plans, parent meetings, and constant time crunches, it can be tough to find time to exchange ideas with other teachers and make sure you’re on the same page. See what one Pennsylvania superintendent did to improve collaboration among the teachers in their school—and discover 6 ways this increased collaboration helped both educators and students succeed. Read More


Read the excerpt and discover the benefits of using technology in daily lessons to address learner needs. This excerpt includes how to use webcasts as an instructional tool, how to support literacy instruction through technology, and what technology looks like in the co-taught classroom. Read More