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3 Essential Roles of Student-Focused Instructional Coaches

The highly effective Student-Focused Coaching (SFC) model connects instructional coaches with teachers so they can work collaboratively to support students using evidence-based practices. Adapted from the book Student-Focused Coaching by Jan Hasbrouck & Daryl Michel, this download introduces you to the three key roles of SFC coaches. Read More

Supporting Early Childhood Inclusion Through Professional Collaboration Webinar

How can you provide skillful support to early childhood educators who work with young children with disabilities in inclusive settings? Find out in this chat with William McInerney & Laurie Dinnebeil, co-authors of the book A Guide to Itinerant Early Childhood Special Education Services. Join these two experts on early childhood inclusive education for an eye-opening discussion on how consultative models of service delivery can provide critical professional support—and make inclusion a success in your program. Read More

11 Things Rocking Co-Teachers Do

I’m bringing you a list of critical success factors for all co-teachers, excerpted and adapted from Julie Causton’s book, The Educator’s Handbook for Inclusive School Practices. Read More