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Using AEPSi to Engage in Authentic Assessment Virtually

This session will highlight how authentic assessment for eligibility and progress monitoring can continue with AEPSinteractive, the online management system for Assessment Evaluation and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS), during the COVID-19 health crisis. You’ll learn about AEPSi features that promote teaming, family engagement, and transition between Part C and Part B services. Using AEPSi for OSEP reporting and kindergarten transition during this time will also be featured. An interactive Q&A will follow the presentation. Read More

How does a 4-star early childhood program use AEPS?

Read how one model preschool incorporates AEPS in its program and works with families to identify goals and target activities during everyday routines–providing reassurance for both staff and family members that the goals for each child are getting the attention they deserve. Read More

AEPSi Administrator Guide

Read the excerpt for an overview of how to manage your AEPSi account. Topics covered in this excerpt include left menu navigation, the program administration home page, and the program profile. Read More