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Tejas LEE®

Tejas LEE®


Tool name

Tejas LEE® El Inventario de lectura en español de Tejas

Use to evaluate

Tejas LEE assesses key literacy concepts, including graphophonemic knowledge, phonological awareness, accenting, accuracy, fluency, and reading and listening comprehension

Age range

K–3 students receiving primary reading instruction in Spanish

Completed by

Classroom Teacher

Time commitment

Approximately 10–20 minutes in kindergarten, 10–25 minutes in Grade 1, and 10–15 minutes in Grades 2 & 3

Real reading progress in K-3

Research-based system for Spanish-speaking students

What’s the best way to ensure real reading progress for K–3 students who receive primary reading instruction in Spanish?  The answer is simple: Tejas LEE®, the research-based system that helps teachers identify struggling readers early, deliver data-informed instruction, and verify that interventions are really working.


Specifically developed to address the development of Spanish literacy, Tejas LEE® solves key challenges for everyone:

  • teachers are empowered with everything they need to link assessment data with targeted interventions and solve their students’ reading problems
  • students who may be at risk for reading failure get individualized help before problems escalate
  • schools get a detailed overview on every student and classroom, so they’ll have the accurate data they need to make critical decisions about instruction and professional development


  • The Texas Education Agency
  • The University of Texas System
  • The University of Houston System

What You'll Need

Tejas LEE®

El Inventario de lectura en español de Tejas


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Teacher's Guide (Guía de administración)

Story Booklet (Cuaderno de lectura)

Task cards (Tarjetas de actividades)


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Q&A about Tejas LEE

Q. Does it fit with response to intervention?

A. Yes—Tejas LEE perfectly complements your RTI efforts. It was specifically developed to help teachers target and differentiate instruction.

Q. Can Tejas LEE be used with my current reading curriculum?

A. Yes. Because Tejas LEE targets all of the foundational reading concepts and skills, it can work successfully within any reading curriculum.

Q. What’s the difference between TPRI and Tejas LEE?

A. TPRI and Tejas LEE are two separate systems that assess different reading skills. Tejas LEE is an authentic Spanish assessment, not a Spanish translation of TPRI. The two systems were developed by separate teams of experts and piloted on different populations of students—so you can be confident they’re effectively meeting your students’ needs.

Q. What about students with different dialects?

A. Tejas LEE® is written in “neutral” Spanish to account for different dialects.

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