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Running a story on disability, child development, mental health, or education?

Contact one of our Marketing Managers:

Early Childhood

Amy Perkins Clause
Senior Marketing Manager
Phone: 410-337-9580 x128
Fax: 410-337-8539

Early intervention, child development, early childhood special education and related issues, screening and assessments, and parent titles.

K–12 Education

Soraya Shiranlou
Marketing Manager
Phone: 410-337-9580 x125
Fax: 410-337-8539

Literacy, special education, inclusion, learning disabilities, autism, behavior, communication, lifespan disability, medical/clinical and mental health, and related issues.

Social Media

Haris Shahid
Web Marketing Manager
Phone: 410-337-9580 x146
Fax: 410-337-8539

Marketing and media queries

To request materials for a conference or an article, or information on contacting our authors for an interview, please complete the form below.