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Open any holiday gift box to receive a special inclusion tip

If you could return from your break to have one wish fulfilled, what would it be? For many teachers, demonstrating real progress on the question of inclusion would be high on their list. What will it take to meet mandates and produce a more positive and productive atmosphere for all your students? Click on any of the gift boxes to find special tips designed to help you make your inclusion wishes come true. Read More

Personalize learning with these tips and tools and increase student achievement

Personalized student learning is a key contributor to higher achievement–and a bottom-line goal of the Race to the Top initiative. We want to help you reach that goal, whether your district is competing for Race to the Top funds or you are developing your own plans to strengthen teaching and learning. Packed with expert advice and free downloads in six specific areas, this round-up of resources will help you take teaching beyond a one-size-fits-all model and accelerate learning for every student in your school or district. Read More

Brain block: 3 steps to overcoming learning difficulties

Why do some students have a harder time getting it together in class, grasping concepts, remembering their homework, keeping track of assignments? Are they just less disciplined, or is something else at work? Though teachers are not always taught to recognize the signs, neurodevelopmental delays often underlie students' struggles. Once educators learn to spot the weaknesses, they become empowered to target instruction right where it will do the most good. Try these essential steps for getting started. Read More