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TILLS Correction

Since the publication of TILLS in 2015, we have identified three errors that need to be corrected in your TILLS Examiner’s Manual. Please download this document for a full explanation of each correction and instructions on how to mark the changes in your manual. Feel free to contact Brookes Publishing if you have any questions. Read More

TILLS Webinar Series

Learn how to get the most out of TILLS, how to screen for language/literacy disorders, and how to identify dyslexia using the assessment in this free webinar series. Read More

The TILLS Advantage: A Q&A with Test Developer Dr. Nickola Nelson

With so many assessments on the market, it can be tough for test administrators to determine which tool they need to obtain the most reliable and comprehensive information about their students’ capabilities. To help clarify what makes TILLS unique, we spoke with TILLS lead developer Nickola Nelson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP. Read More

PAth to Literacy program at a glance

Read the PAth to Literacy Program at a Glance. PAth to Literacy is a literacy intervention focused on improving phonological awareness skills for preschool and kindergarten children. In this excerpt, discover the overarching skills that will be assessed using this intervention. Read More