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Q&A on Co-teaching

Read a Q&A with the authors of How to Co-Teach to learn what general education teachers and special educators bring to the co-teaching equation. Read More

Q&A on Spatial Literacy

Read a Q&A with the author of Blocks and Beyond to learn why it is critical for teachers to promote spatial literacy in the classroom. Read More

Q&A on Community Supports for Individuals with IDDs

What are the 6 characteristics of a well-functioning organization that supports people with intellectual and development disabilities? Find out in this Q&A with the authors of A Leadership Guide for Today's Disabilities Organizations: Overcoming Challenges and Making Change Happen. Read More

Q&A on Health Matters Curriculum

Read an author Q&A to learn how to teach healthy approaches to living for real lifestyle change using a health promotion program for community members with developmental disabilities. Read More

Q&A on Nursing Care for Individuals with IDD

Read this author interview to learn what distinguishes nursing care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and why there is a decline in educational opportunities for nurses who wish to specialize in this field. Read More

Q&A on Transition and Employment

For your students approaching graduation, is it possible to combine planning for instruction to meet academic goals at the same time as transition goals? Find out in this author interview. Read More