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Early education’s growing prominence in the era of accountability

The accountability movement of the last decade has had K–12 educators feeling pressure like never before. Though NCLB does not extend to early education, increasing recognition of the importance of ECE to later school achievement is drawing attention now. Can a similar call for evidence-based practices and standards be far behind? Read on for Robert Pianta's thoughts on the accountability movement and ECE; Pianta is co-editor of School Readiness and the Transition to Kindergarten in the Era of Accountability, which features the latest research from the field's foremost experts. Read More

Schoolwide PBIS: Your questions answered

Hats off to school leaders who have committed to implementing schoolwide positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS). But what if implementation isn’t going as smoothly as you’d planned? Try these few crucial tips that have led other school teams to success, by the authors of the Self-Assessment and Program Review for Schools Implementing PBIS. Read More

Positive preschool behavior: Tools to improve children’s social-emotional skills

Any preschool teacher can tell you that behavior is critical to a positive learning and play environment. Fostering young children's social-emotional development not only smooths out the preschool day for everyone, but also helps children do better later in school and life. Here are 4 tools you can use to make sure your program is implementing best practices, supporting children's social skills, and addressing challenging behaviors. Read More

Want to improve young children’s behavior? Increase positive interactions!

With some 20% of preschool students not behaviorally ready to succeed in school, programs are looking for steps they can take to help children with their social-emotional skills. Research has shown what steps early childhood educators can take to promote positive behavior. One aspect that plays a pivotal role is improvement of the dynamic between teacher and child, teacher and parent, and parent and child. Try these tips to promote positive interactions and improve the overall classroom climate Read More

Screen children for math delays early with the Number Sense Screener

Can you tell which students in kindergarten may have math struggles as they progress through elementary school? A new research-based math screener can help you pinpoint which students may need an extra boost when it comes to developing their number sense–a strong predictor of future math achievement. Read about the new Number Sense Screener and get pointers on how you can provide early math intervention so students are poised for success as they enter first grade. Read More