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Beautiful Beginnings: Building on Babies’ Strengths



At-risk children & families, Child development, Family engagement, Parent activities & support

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Helen H. Raikes Ph.D., Jane McCall Whitmer M.S.

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Babies learn without any special prompting from us. We can, however, help them learn by paying close attention to where they are in their development and when they’re ready for the next step. Studies have shown that as babies– skills emerge and evolve, the introduction of a new skill at just the right time propels them toward the next level of development. During their many years working in Early Head Start, Helen Raikes and Jane Whitmer developed and fine-tuned more than 350 sequential activities for caregivers to have ready to put in front of babies at “just the right time.” Read our Q&A to learn how a number of programs are using the Beautiful Beginnings curriculum to help caregivers encourage their babies’ development.

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