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Support for COVID Recovery

Invest in Recovery for Children and Families

Recover. Reconnect. Reimagine. These words will guide everything you do as you help children and families get back on track after a uniquely challenging year. As your recovery efforts take shape, invest your ESSER funds on our evidence-based resources: books, tools, and curricula from top experts that help you meet your most pressing goals in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you’re looking for early childhood screeners and assessments, social-emotional learning curricula, books on applying the Science of Reading to improve literacy outcomes, or practical guides to help your school fully commit to inclusion, we’ve got a resource that meets your needs.

The ARP Act includes an unparalleled $122 billion for education. Invest now in resources that make a real difference.

Evidence-based resources for your ESSER funding.

Support Kindergarten Readiness

Ensure that all young children are ready for school success with high-quality resources that will help you check progress toward milestones, conduct effective assessment and intervention, and keep families involved in promoting healthy development.

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Address Social-Emotional Learning and Mental Health

Prioritize the social-emotional health and well-being of all learners with resources to help you evaluate children’s social-emotional development, address pandemic-related trauma, and teach social-emotional skills as an integral part of your curriculum.

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Accelerate Literacy & Language Skills with Evidence-Based Assessment and Interventions

Get your students’ skills back on track with reliable resources that help you apply the Science of Reading in your classroom, support struggling readers, screen and assess children’s language skills, and teach dual language learners effectively.

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Support Progress for Students with Disabilities

Reimagine inclusive practices in the wake of the pandemic with resources that help you create welcoming, universally designed classrooms where every student—regardless of disability, background, or life circumstance—reaches their full potential.

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We’re here to help you.

The investments you make now with your ESSER funds will help children with and without disabilities thrive for years to come. We can help you navigate your options and choose evidence-based resources that will meet your goals and promote the best outcomes for all children. Call us with your questions today!