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AEPS Training

Make the most of AEPS-3

A variety of training options are planned to help you make the most of AEPS-3.

Learn at your own pace

Get to know AEPS-3 with introductory materials—webinars, tutorials, quick guides, and more.

A self-paced online training module will be available for purchase in Summer 2022.

Live training

Presented by AEPS experts and hosted by Brookes on Location, our live training seminars will help you ensure that staff members know AEPS-3 inside and out. All live trainings will be provided virtually until further notice.

AEPS-3 Training: Available Now
Get a thorough overview of how to use AEPS-3 to improve child, family, and program outcomes.

Book an AEPS-3 seminar for organization Attend the AEPS-3 Training Institute

AEPSi Training: Coming Summer 2022
Learn everything you need to know about the online system with a hands-on training session.

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Get certified

Ensure that users are scoring AEPS-3 correctly and consistently with online AEPS-3 Interrater Reliability Certification. Invaluable for states and districts that require teachers to demonstrate reliability on assessments, this online module will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete and include a scoring guide, practice test, and certification test. A three-year certification is provided with a score of 80% or higher. Available in Summer 2022.